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3 Facebook Marketing Tips That Can Ruin Your Reputation!

Often I give out my best Facebook marketing tips to help you build your fan page, drive traffic to your website and generate leads for your business. Today I’d like to go over some of the worst Facebook marketing tips I’ve seen people recommending to others and tell you why I recommend you DO NOT include them in your marketing strategy.

This is MY opinion, so feel free to tell me if you agree or disagree by leaving a comment!

Detrimental Facebook Marketing Tips: #3 Don’t allow your Facebook fans to post on your wall.

Facebook is a social network. The reason it works so well is because of the interactions of others and the VIRAL potential. When you have a fan page that ONLY has your posts on it, you are saying to your fans “What I have to say is more important than what YOU have to say”. When you are trying to build a loyal fan base of people that are sharing your content and helping spread the word about your page, you are shooting yourself in the foot by not allowing fans to share on your page (or hiding their content on another wall tab).

When someone interacts on your page, it shows on their Facebook profile AND possibly the news feed of all their friends, therefor increasing Facebook fans. This is SO powerful and helps make your fan page grow by itself. Allow your fans to post valuable content, thank them, like their content, share it if it’s good. Give LOVE to your fans and it will return to you in FLOODS. That’s SMART Facebook marketing.

Detrimental Facebook Marketing Tips: #2 Tagging People You Don’t Know

This is something that really bothers me on Facebook. The tagging feature is a great feature, but used the wrong way can just be totally unprofessional and ruin your reputation. Lets look at exactly what happens when you tag someone and how NOT to do it.

When you tag someone in a note or video on Facebook, you are posting it on their wall. It will send that person a message saying that they have been tagged in a video or note. They then log in to check it out and find that it is a piece of content or, worse, a business opportunity or affiliate link which has absolutely nothing to do with them. They don’t know the person tagging them, they are simply “friends” on Facebook. What’s bad about this, is that this video or note appears on their wall, without their permission. If you haven’t taken the time to say hello and introduce yourself to this person, it’s just rude to go using THEIR wall for your marketing purposes.

A good strategy is to tag people you know, that you have built relationships with or people that are mentioned in your video (in a positive way of course!) and you will see it get shared, commented on and liked even more than if you were tagging strangers, because these people LIKE you and your content already.

Detrimental Facebook Marketing Tips: #1 Posting your link as a reply to a post

This is the worst of the worst. Facebook allows you to mark posts as spam, but not comments. So what do people recommend to get around this? Post your affiliate link as a comment! This is not cool, for SO many reasons. If you are doing it STOP. I understand that you may just be doing what you see others doing, or worse, what your upline/”mentor” has told you to do but it is WRECKING your reputation.

Let me tell you from experience, that there are ways to make A LOT of money from Facebook without using the above “strategies” – if you can call them that. Watch the video below for the antidote to these harmful Facebook marketing tips that WILL get you leads, traffic and cashflow while building a GREAT reputation.